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Whether they like it or not

Wexford, Ireland South, Europe, The World- It’s all connected.

Decisions are made every day in Brussels that impact how your society is organised

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On the morning of 22 July 2014, Clare Daly and Mick Wallace resolved to do
what the Irish government wouldn’t – they attempted to search a US warplane
for evidence of any breach of international law.
Over the course of three days in court, Daly and Wallace managed to turn the
tables around and put Irish foreign policy on trial. This is the story of that trial, its
wider context, and a look at the worrying increase in the militarisation of Europe

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The 20 year War in #Afghanistan was a lie. #US used the war to funnel 2 trillion of taxpayers money to Private Contractors + #EU + #NATO were happy to support, destroying the lives of millions. Women were better off there 40 years ago than now - Will anyone be held to account...?